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Mountech is the exclusive distributor of outdoor well-known brands

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Mountech - Our equipment never does not fail.

Mountech - Best outfit for any conditions.

For more than 20 years we have been committed to choosing the best brands for mountaineering, hiking, climbing, skiing and traveling, and bringing them to our country, motivating people to travel and stay active while being outdoors.

We proudly emphasize the versatility of our brands. These collections are designed not only for extreme conditions, but also for daily comfortable use. Nowadays the climate is full of surprises, and it is always good to be prepared for sudden changes: to be protected from the cold, moisture, and at the same time look stylish and fashionable. Thanks to outdoor brands, today there is no choice between functional “smart” clothes and beautiful, you can get everything “in one”.

We are proud of our brands. During development and production, they minimize impacts on the environment: less water consumption, less plastic utilization, high level of recycling. Environmental friendliness is one of the main requirements for outdoor brands.

Our brands = Quality + Innovation + Sustainability

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The brands we work with every year offer collections for both special activities and daily use. Distinctive features of the collections are ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES (the best fibers, the best fabrics, the best membranes), SUSTAINABILITY (Our brands are the first ones to use recycled fibers) and INTELLIGENCE.

For instance, DESCENTE develops unique fabrics with TORAY membranes and cutting techniques. MARMOT is GORE-TEX's first membrane partner and is still the first one to use new membranes. QUARTZ uses a unique Canadian goose down. KEEN invented their signature sandals that pioneered a new group of shoes, and BLACK DIAMOND is a developer and pioneer of special climbing, ice climbing, freeride, ski tour and avalanche equipment.

For over 20 years we have been professionally engaged in international business, distributing international brands for the countries of the Customs Union of the Eurasian Economic Union. We invite you to join the world of outdoor activities!


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Marmot's best distributor

Many times since 2000 we were awarded as the best distributor, the most precise pre-order, the best seller of down jackets, the biggest order and so on. We were participants in the anniversary meeting MARMOT in Hawaii.


Keen's best distributor

We were awarded as a long-term stable partner of KEEN, as the most accurate pre-order, for the active promotion of a new category, etc.



Repeatedly awarded with prizes, honorary marks and certificates by DESCENTE, BLACK DIAMOND, JETBOIL, DRAGON, EXEOFFICIO brands.


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Logo «Den surka»

Online store Den surka

Den Surka, translated to English as Groundhog (MARMOT) Day, is a chain of stores for active tourism, outdoor activities, extreme sports, hiking, and city life. A mountain groundhog (called marmot) is a cute and friendly animal with warm fur. Marmots live in the harsh conditions of the alpine mountains, where summer begins late and winter comes early.

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Logo «Keen»

Online store Keen

The KEEN brand was created as an answer to the question: Can sandals reliably protect our feet? The answer to this question - definitely yes!

The advent of Newport model with KEEN.PROTECT technology. Patented toe protector designed for outdoor activities.

The combination of freedom and protection. Advanced technologies for simple hobbies.

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We invite companies (entities, individual entrepreneurs) to partner with us. Professional (wholesale) purchases are held in the format of seasonal pre-order, as well as from a free stock. Warranty is applied. Great availability of consumables, spare parts for repair. The business is very technological.

Branded areas

Branded areas

We offer presentation sets (corners) for branded areas with fully finished equipment that matches the selected brands and improves their representativeness. This is a ready-made solution for authorized partners and their locations.

Corporate partners

Corporate partners

We offer special conditions for companies that equip their employees and customers.

For example, if you are a ski school, guide company, or a company that often sends employees to Siberia or the Arctic.

Maybe you are a film company working in the tropics or making a film about extreme sports and conditions, or maybe the whole team plans a corporate climb to Kilimanjaro.

Welcome, we have many great things to offer you!